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Taking gaming somewhere new

FortuneFish Ltd was founded in 2013 by Joe Stamper and Dr Phil Popejoy and legendary industry veterans, Tim and Chris Stamper. Our purpose has always been to make games which blend inspired creativity with bleeding edge technology to deliver immersive experiences that bring people together.


Augmented Reality is a very exciting technology, yet it’s still relatively young, with huge untapped potential for us to explore in the coming years. With the recent developments in mobile AR technology, there’s now an established, scalable platform for us to develop sustainable business growth by positioning ourselves at the forefront of this paradigm shift.


To support this strategic vision, we are building an exciting mobile AR product portfolio that reflects our deep understanding of AR technology in gaming design. Our goal is to establish ourselves as a European market leader in mobile and headset-based Augmented Reality product development.

Rich gaming heritage

This ambition, momentum and strategic direction is backed by decades of experience, intuition and the track record of two of the industry's greatest minds – Tim and Chris Stamper – founders of the games company Rare and long-time partners of Nintendo.

Our games

Our four pillars


The foundation of good product design is creativity and innovation

Data driven

Creativity becomes good business when it's guided by good data


Brand loyalty is built on trust, and driven by the consistent delivery of quality products

Future looking

Harnessing new technology stimulates new and exciting opportunities

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